When rope splicing it can be very difficult to pull through a rope. Even a D-SPLICER pulling fid will not always do the job as more strength needs to be applied and/or there is not enough space.

A Softfid is another great innovation by D-SPLICER. Simple and effective! You first pull through the thin Dyneema rope and then clamp the rope into the white cover. By pulling the Softfid, the cover will tighten itself around the rope.


D-SPLICER used by Alex Thomson Racing team

At facebook we spotted this picture where the rigging manager of the Alex Thomson racing team splices together two ropes to create a strop which will be used to connect back stays onto the rig. That strop has to hold up to 6 tons of load delivered from the mast.  Nice to see that the D-SPLICER fixed needle to be used.
Alex Thomson Racing, d-splicer, rigging, strop, back stay

Paris Voile: D Splicer, l’arme à épisser

The Paris Voile blog had a very nice post about the D-SPLICER needle:


Le kit a épisser D-Splicer®, c’est déjà ça, l’arme absolue pour épisser les petits diamètres de dyneema tressé. Qui n’a jamais galéré avec un Dyneema de 3mm un peu serré  l’aiguille creuse de 4mm resté indéniablement bloquée après 2cm de pénétration!!!
Avec le D-Splicer® rien de plus facile!
Il vous permet de travailler les cordages qui résistent aux aiguilles creuses. Parfaitement adapté aux petits diamètres, il révolutionne le matelotage et vous permet  de réaliser tous types de travaux textiles (manille, cosse, loop, erse, gréement textile,…).

D-Splicer kit aiguilles a episser


D-SPLICER product of the week at

Sail-world has chosen the D-SPLICER as the product of the week. “If you are a DIY splicer, you’ll just love this product of the week: Ronstan’s new D-Splicer range of specialized rope splicing tools are designed to take the difficulty out of working with smaller diameter synthetic 12-strand or single braid lines.” Read more

DIY splicing

Product review at My Boats

D-SPLICER products were reviewed at “I know riggers who have cobbled together a custom tool for splicing small line like the D-Splier. Now the D splicer is available to the public and makes splicing small ropes and items like softshackles much easier for anyone. By pulling instead of having to push the line, splicing becomes easier faster and more accurate.” Read the full review


Distributor network D-SPLICER is expanding

Worldwide sailors and riggers have discovered the D-SPLICER as a helpful tool. Splicing and working with thin dyneema lines has become much easier. D-SPLICER sets have been shipped to Austrialia, USA, all over Europe and even the Philippines. We now have listed our main distributors and some retailers to help you out.