When rope splicing it can be very difficult to pull through a rope. Even a D-SPLICER pulling fid will not always do the job as more strength needs to be applied and/or there is not enough space.

A Softfid is another great innovation by D-SPLICER. Simple and effective! You first pull through the thin Dyneema rope and then clamp the rope into the white cover. By pulling the Softfid, the cover will tighten itself around the rope.


D-splicer needle

When trying to splice 3mm dyneema core-to-core my standard splicing needle set did not give me what I needed. I tried to make something out of a metal wire and a cork. That worked pretty well. With a mechanical engineering background I probably have a more than average interest in tools and technique. I started to improve my self made tool and worked with a manufacturer to produce it. A new product was born: D-SPLICER needle.