D-SPLICER needle set

The D-SPLICER set can almost be called a classic since it was introduced a few years ago and sold around the world to sailors and riggers. With an aluminum handle and replaceable needles in different sizes, it is a great tool for splicing ropes. Make sure to use the matching needle size to the rope diameter and only clamp just the tip of the rope between the double wire needle. Occasionally needles can break, but when used in the right manner they last very long.

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Handbook splicing by Bloomsbury: over 30 different techniques

Splicing modern ropes is a new book with more than 500 photo’s and has been published by Adlard Coles Nautical (Bloomsbury Publishing Plc). D-SPLICER products have great exposure in this book as they are used for many of the splicing techniques explained. Learn how to splice rope now with this practical handbook by Jan-Willem Polman.

ISBN 978-1-4729-2320-2

Splicing modern ropes - a practical handbook

Splicing modern ropes – a practical handbook by Jan-Willem Polman


Over 30 different splicing techniques

Over 30 different splicing techniques

Rope splicing app

Our distributor Premium Ropes has created a ropesplicing app where D-SPLICER products get great exposure.  How to use our rope splicing tools is shown in more than 1000 photos in detail. With over 30 different techniques available. This makes it a very complete ropesplicing app. Once downloaded it is available off-line on your phone or tablet.

Download this app now in the  Google Play store or Apple store.