Reeds splicing handbook

The Reeds Splicing Handbook was published in June of this year. Featuring D-Splicer ropesplicing tools.

It is the little brother of the ‘Handbook Splicing Modern Ropes’. The author, Jan-Willem Polman, selected the most commonly used rope splicing tutorials. Also, all background information on rope materials has been left out. This resulted in a nicely compact splicingbook. Makes a great gift for sailors.


Bloomsbury Publishing; June 2018
128 pages; ISBN 9781472952776
Title: Reeds Splicing Handbook
Author: Jan-Willem Polman

Handbook splicing by Bloomsbury: over 30 different techniques

Splicing modern ropes is a new book with more than 500 photo’s and has been published by Adlard Coles Nautical (Bloomsbury Publishing Plc). D-SPLICER products have great exposure in this book as they are used for many of the splicing techniques explained. Learn how to splice rope now with this practical handbook by Jan-Willem Polman.

ISBN 978-1-4729-2320-2

Splicing modern ropes - a practical handbook

Splicing modern ropes – a practical handbook by Jan-Willem Polman


Over 30 different splicing techniques

Over 30 different splicing techniques