D-SPLICER product of the week at Sail-world.com

Sail-world has chosen the D-SPLICER as the product of the week. “If you are a DIY splicer, you’ll just love this product of the week: Ronstan’s new D-Splicer range of specialized rope splicing tools are designed to take the difficulty out of working with smaller diameter synthetic 12-strand or single braid lines.” Read more

DIY splicing

METS 2012 in Amsterdam

Many new interested distributors from around the globe have applied to carry the D-SPLICER in their assortment during the METS 2012 in Amsterdam this week of November. It is great to hear professional riggers confirm that the D-SPLICER indeed is the rigging fid for thin diameters that wasn’t there yet. The double needle makes it perfect to handle everything up to at least 5 mm.